Trinity Church Mission Statement

With a God-given identity, equipping with the Word to engage with our culture all for His fame.

Our philosophy for Trinity Church, explained below, is reflected in four simple values, which are designed to help us mimic our Master Teacher, Jesus Christ, in His philosophy of ministry.

  • Bible/gospel/word-centered

    God's amazing Word brings life, salvation, hope, and victory over sin. The Bible is not just in the center of everything we do. We work to continually center our lives on the Gospel and learn exactly what that means for us as His people.

  • Clear discipleship pathways

    We are intentionally developing clear ways for you to put down roots in your faith through more than just teaching. Jesus gave us an example of discipleship and we model our ministry after His.

  • gospel-centered community

    There are so many things we could build community around: sports, stage of life, where we work, etc. Although we may have these in common, we choose to build true community on the Gospel and what it means to be a people created by Him and for Him.

  • gospel intentionality

    Everything that God has given to us or allowed us to go through is for His purposes, which we can trust are good. 

    Therefore, we look at every part of our lives as a chance for His Truth, His Great News to be shown to the world.